Wellesley College Botanic Gardens








Wellesley College in Wellesley, MA.

P1170568 P1170563

P1170581 P1170582 P1170583 P1170584 P1170587


Begonia House

P1170590 P1170594 P1170596 P1170601 P1170602 P1170605 P1170611 P1170612 P1170616 P1170619 P1170628

Cannonball Tree and flower

P1170629 P1170630 P1170635 P1170636 P1170637 P1170640 - Version 2 P1170643 P1170644 P1170654 P1170667 P1170669 P1170677 P1170681 P1170686 P1170687 P1170688

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