Bird Sightings


Downy Woodpecker that I placed in a shoebox to recover from a concussion after banging into one of my windows


This is a male Eastern Bluebird during a snow storm.  The birdbath is heated, but it too had ice around it.


Red Bellied Woodpecker


Male Common Grackle spotted in Boston Common


unknown species found sitting in my potted Asparagus Fern plant


Male Cardinal after a snowstorm

P1130272 - Version 2

Black and White Warbler that needed a timeout after hitting one of my windows


Eastern Towhee (formerly known as a Rufus Sided Towhee)

P1140604 - Version 2

Male Ruby Throated Hummingbird at sugar water feeder


Male Rose Breasted Grosbeak


Red Bellied Woodpecker

We noticed this blue-winged warbler in our yard for over a week, but he moves so fast and is so small, it was really tough trying to get any picture of him.

Blue Winged Warbler


This is a female Ruby Throated Hummingbird that followed me very closely all of last summer while I was gardening.  She would fly under the shower to cool down as I held the hose spray out for her on hot days.   Hoping to see her back in the yard this May!

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