Montreal Botanic Garden


The Montreal Botanic Garden is across the street from the Olympic Stadium that was built for the 1976 Olympics. The stadium includes the world’s tallest inclined tower (574 ft.) that one can ride up in a funicular. The Velodome used in cycling competition in the Olympics was converted into a Biodome, and is located by the tower. The Biodome has replicas of four ecosystems of the Americas and includes 4,800 animals and 1,500 plants.

The Montreal Botanic Garden is a huge set of gardens (190 acres), arboretum and ten themed greenhouses, plus an insectarium, and truly requires more than a day to tour properly.  It also helps to have good weather to be outdoors for hours. To get a sense of all of the types of gardens and greenhouse themes available, see their website by clicking here: Jardin Botanique Montreal.   And by all means, if you love plants/gardens, this is a trip you must make!

The arrangement pictured above is found at the lobby entrance to the Begonia & Gesneriad greenhouse.   The tall plant is Brazilian Candles, the fern to the left is Cyrtomium falcatum- Japanese Holly Fern, and in the center is an angel-wing begonia (not labeled).  

I made an attempt to document some of the begonia plants on display at this greenhouse on one afternoon during the week of July 21st, 2014.  I tried to label all of the begonias in my pictures, but some were not labeled at the greenhouse and I did not recognize them so I left a ? when it was not identified.  I was assisted in some begonia identification by Marie-France LaRochelle, of MBG, and am very grateful for her help.

At the end of the begonia photos, I’ve added a few photos taken at their various outdoor gardens.

B. dfadfa F. volata?Trailing scandent B.

In this small grouping of shrub-like begonias at the greenhouse entrance are found from left to right:

B. banaoensis
B. floccifera
B. mazae f. viridis
B. listada
B. oblica
B. taiwaniana

A plant in the back is Mandevilla Boliviensis- White Dipladenia, and there is an orange flowered Passiflora vine.


Begonia venosa

This is a small flowering Begonia venosa compare to the big ones seen later on.



Below the magnolia tree– the trunk seen on the upper left, is found B. holtonis var. holtonis from Colombia and Ecuador.

On the right is B. deliciosa, a rhizomatous.  The front border, has smaller begonias that were not labeled but among them there were some B. venosa among some Saintpaulias  (violets) in the mixed planting.


P1260199 This is Begonia rex from India.



This is B. hispida var. cucullifera –commonly called the Piggyback Plant because of its epiphyllous appendages- baby leaves that grow out from the tops of mature leaves.



In back is  B. bufoderma from Tropical America, and in front is B. rex from India.



Under this fig tree is growing a white-spotted, white flowering B. maculata from Brazil, and to the right is Begonia rotundifolia from Vietnam and Cambodia, with B. brevirimosa ssp Exotica in pink, peeking on right, and B. bowerae plantings in front.



On the left is B. luxurians, a palm leaf type begonia, in the middle in back is B. maculata,  and middle front is  B. nelumbiifolia (Lilypad begonia)  from Mexico & Colombia.


Begonia petasitifolia

This is Begonia petasitifolia, a thick-stemmed from Brazil, with B. luxurians, B. nelumbiifolia and B. maculata in back.



Here is a better view of Begonia luxurians, a palm-leaf begonia.  In front is B. petasitifolia, a thick-stemmed.


frontBegonia petasitifoliamiddleBegonia luxuriansbackBegonia maculata

Their distinctive signage for each greenhouse.  Yes, I could easily live here for the rest of my life.


Begonia bowerae (Lilypad begonia) Mexico Begonia brevirimosa

On the left is  Begonia nelumbiifolia (Lilypad begonia)  from Mexico & Colombia, and on the right is Begonia brevirimosa ssp. Exotica (syn. Begonia Edinburgh).  At the front of the border are plantings of B. bowerae.



On the left is B. maculata, on the right is  B. nelumbiifolia (Lilipad begonia) from
Mexico to Colombia, and on the bottom is  B. bowerae from Mexico.


Begonia thelmaeBrazilTrailing scandent

This is B. thelmae from Brazil, a trailing scandent begonia.



Here is B. brevirimosa ssp. Exotica in bloom.


Begonia brevirimosa

Look at the size and health of this B. brevirimosa!


Begonia tomentosaShrub-like begoniaBegonia soli-mutata

On the left is B. tomentosa, a shrub-like begonia, and on the right is B. soli-mutata.


Begonia U064Shrub-like Philippines

This is B. U064, a shrub-like from the  Philippines.  It was growing in the greenhouse, and there was another specimen growing under glass inside the greenhouse as well.



A beautiful collection of begonias growing under a Japanese fern tree- Filicium decipiens. In back is Begonia ‘Erythrophylla’  growing along with B. brevirimosa.  In the front on the right is Begonia sp., and on the left is Begonia ‘Cool Breeze Pewter’.   The very green begonia bottom left is B. U064.


Begonia U489?

Begonia ‘Cool Breeze Pewter’.



Another look at this beautiful grouping growing under a Japanese fern tree.


Begonia unidentified

This is B. ‘Pewterware’ U358.


Hoffmania Taffeta Plant Family RubiaceaeMexico, America, Central,

This is not a begonia, but a Hoffmania roezlii (or Taffeta Plant) of the  Family Rubiaceae,
from Mexico, South America and  Central America.   Great tiny pleats!  The big silver leaf on the left belongs to B. ‘Pewterware’ and the textured round leaf on the right is B. ‘Art Hodes’.



On the lower left is Hoffmania roezlii,  top left is B. peltata, the  Lilypad begonia
var. peltata from Mexico and Guatemala.  Flowering in front is  B. ‘Art Hodes’, and partially concealed on the right is Begonia sanguinea from Brazil.


Begonia peltata Liliy-pad begonia var. peltata Mexico, Guatemala

This is B.  peltata aka Lilypad begonia, var. peltata from Mexico and Guatemala.


Begonia soli-mutata

Begonia soli-mutata in a mixed planting that brings out its deep texture and color.


Begonia 'Art Hodes'?

Another look at B. ‘Art Hodes’.



This is B. loranthoides ssp. loranthoides, a trailing scandent from  Cameroon to Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Begonia sanguineaBrazil

A closer look at B. sanguinea.


Begonia moysesii  Rhizomatous Brazil

This is B. moysesii, a  rhizomatous, from Brazil.


Begonia venosa Shrub-like Brazil

This is B. venosa, a shrub-like from Brazil.



This four foot tall beauty is B. “Pink Minx’.


Begonia 'Pink Minx'

Another look at B. “Pink Minx’.  The flowers are not noticeable because the leaves demand all of the attention.



Begonia ‘Kurozuru’ a rhizomatous.


Begonia 'Fireworks'

Begonia ‘Fireworks’, a rex, next to B. Erythrophylla.



B. ‘Erythrophylla’ with B. ‘Fireworks’ on right and B. bowerae underneath it.



A lovely mix of tall and short begonias!  In front, left and middle is B. Erythrophylla, in back left is B. ‘Fireworks’ and middle back is B. ‘Esther Albertine’, a cane-like begonia.  On the
back right is B. ‘Pink Minx’.


Streptocarpus 'Boysenberry Delight'Gesneriad

A gorgeous and huge Gesneriad, Streptocarpus ‘Boysenberry Delight’.



Begonia ‘Erythrophylla’  with B. ‘Korukuru’ and B. ‘Fireworks’ in back.



This is Begonia ‘Anna Christine’, a cane-like in bloom, and in back, upper right, is the dark B. ‘Beatrice Haddrell’, a rhizomatous, all growing under a pitch apple tree.


Begonia 'Anna Christine' Cane-like

Close-up of Begonia ‘Anna Christine’ and its bloom.  B. sanguinea on the bottom left.



On the front of the border from left to right is  B. hatacoa ‘Silver’ and B. ‘Silver Rose’, a small flowering Cape Primrose Streptocarpus from Kenya and Tanzania, and B. ‘Constellation Libra’ a Rex. In the back is B. ‘Pink Minx’ a cane-like, and to the right is the green begonia B. ‘Pewterware’  U358.



Begonia ‘Bow-Nigra’




A closer look at B. ‘Pink Minx’, B. ‘Pewterware’ and in front is B. ‘Constellation Libra’.



The begonia in front is B. acetosa aka Ruby Begonia, is rhizomatous and from Brazil.  Here it is surrounded by Helxine de Soleirol- Mother of Thousands, of the family Urticaceae.  Behind it is  B. ‘River Nile’ and to the left and flowering is  B. ‘Anna Christine’.  In back is B. thiemei, a palm-leaf begonia from Mexico and Honduras.   All are growing under a pitch apple tree.



This is B. ‘Beatrice Haddrell’, a rhizomatous, here surrounded by tiny ground cover Helxine de Soleirol.



In front is a  Rex culture, and right behind it barely visible is Begonia ‘Shade Angel Aurora’.  In the back, on the left is B. ‘Beatrice Haddrell’, and on the right is  B. maculata.  Left front is B. ‘River Nile’.



Begonia maculata.



Begonia maculata blooms.


Begonia maculata

Busy patterns going on!



In front is Begonia ‘Kurozuru’, a rhizomatous,  in back, left to right, is a leaf of B. maculata, the dark rhizomatous is B. ‘Beatrice Haddrell’, B. biserrata, B. ‘Benitochiba’  and B. albopicta from Brazil.



The two begonias in back are B. ‘Pink Minx’ on the left and B. ‘Cracklin’ Rosie’ on the right.   In front, left to right, is Begonia venosa, B. hatacoa ‘Silver’, B. ‘Silver Rose’, a Cape Primrose – Streptocarpus in bloom, and another Begonia hatacoa ‘Silver’.


left Begonia hatacoa SilvermiddleBegonia 'Silver Rose' Rex

This is begonia ‘Silver Rose’ in the center, B. hatacoa ‘Silver’ on left and a Gesneriad on the right.


Begonia venosa shoot

Begonia venosa, doing quite well!  B. ‘San Miguel’ on right.


Begonia venosa shoot

Close up of B. venosa’s new growth.   B. ‘Pink Minx’ is on upper right.


Begonia venosa on rightBegonia 'Pink Minx' upper right

On the left is B. obscura, in the middle is B. venosa, on the upper right is Begonia ‘Pink Minx’ and on the right is Begonia ‘San Miguel’.


Begonia albopictaCane-likeBrazil

This is Begonia albopicta, a cane-like from Brazil.



This is Begonia ‘Tiger Star’, a rhizomatous.


frontBegonia 'Tiger Star' Rhizomatous

Begonia ‘Tiger Star’, a rhizomatous, and B. obscura behind it.



Begonia luxurians standing out amongst this huge grouping of begonias.


frontBegonia 'Fantastic'RhizomatousbackRex

In front is B. ‘Fantastic’, a rhizomatous.  In center is Rex ? and to the left in silver is Rex ?.  Back left is B. biserrata, B. albopicta and B. thurstonii.


P1260282Begonia biserrata, a tuberous begonia. 



Begonia scapigera in center, B. luxurians on the left, rex ? on the right.


backBegonia metallicalower leftRexright Begonia 'Beatrice Haddrell'

Begonia thurstonii in center, B. ‘Beatrice Haddrell’ on right and a rex? on the left.


Begonia 'Silver Jewell' Rhizomatous

Begonia ‘Green Jewell’ in bloom.


Begonia involucrataThick-stemmed Mexico, Colombia

This is Begonia involucrata, a thick-stemmed from  Mexico and Colombia.


Begonia involucrataThick-stemmed Mexico, ColombiaColumnea radicans

Begonia involucrata on left, and Columnea radicans, a Gesneriad in bloom.  Daughter on right.


Begonia 'Fantastic'Rhizomatous

B. ‘Beatrice Haddrell’ on left, B. ‘Fantastic’ a rhizomatous in center, and B. albopicta on right.



A look back down one of the two main aisles in the Begonia & Gesneriad greenhouse.



Begonia ‘Beatrice Haddrell’.


Begonia 'Elithe'Cane-like

An over five foot tall B. ‘Elithe’, a cane-like, in bloom.



A mostly rhizomatous grouping of begonias.



Begonia ‘Tiger Star’.



Begonia scharfii spreading itself out.



Begonia scharfii with lots of new growth.



Begonia ‘Fireworks’.



Begonia ‘Northern Lights’.



Begonia coccinea ‘Jinnie May’, an angel-wing.



Begonia epipsila.



Begonia hydrocotylifolia (Pennywort begonia) from Mexico, climbing up a wall.



Begonia ?



On the front is B. ‘Northern Lights’ and Begonia ‘Fireworks’.  In back is B. coccinea ‘Jinnie May’.

Begonia coccinea ‘Jinnie May’ blooms resting on another darker cane begonia.



Begonia ‘Northern Lights’


Begonia masoniana.



A large B. ‘Escargot’.



Explosive new growth on B. ‘Escargot’.



Begonia coccinea ‘Jinnie May’ reaching the ceiling of the greenhouse.



A standout B. acetosa in bloom.



B. acetosa getting some afternoon sun and accenting its leaves’ red undersides.



A beautiful mixed wall planting with B. ‘Benitochiba’ in the middle.



Begonia ‘Alfreana’, a rex, sprinkled with spent flower blooms from its tall neighbor, B. ‘Sophie Cecile’.



Begonia ‘Sophie Cecile’ in bloom.



Begonia ‘Sophie Cecile’ in bloom above  B. ‘Alfreana’.



Begonia sp.



On left is Begonia ‘Alfreana’ and on right is B. sanguinea.



Inside a glass closure found in the Begonia greenhouse were a few begonias including this U02 from Madagascar.



This is begonia U064, a shrub-like,  from the Philippines, here under glass and also found out in the greenhouse.



This is Symbegonia U012 from Papua New Guinea kept under glass.



Also under glass was B. ampla.



Begonia longimaculata, a shrub-like, was also under glass, sitting next to a Gesneriad, a   blooming Streptocarpus.



Another look at B. U02 as it received some sunlight.  It has many flower buds just now getting ready to open, and reminds me a bit of B. bogneri, also from Madagascar.



This is begonia thelmae.



Begonia rex on left and B. ‘Denver Lace’ on right.



B. ‘Red Bull’ with two gesneriads, Epicias in bloom, growing in front of it.



Begonia ‘Denver Lace’.



Begonia ‘Glorie de Sceaux’, a shrub-like with shiny silver leaves and red undersides.  B. ‘Denver Lace’ in front.



The beautiful shine from Begonia ‘Glorie de Sceaux’.



A rex just getting started!



Here is a tall Begonia ecarlate/Begonia coccinea, an angel-wing from Brazil.   The palmate leaf begonia seen on the lower right belongs to B. leathermaniae and the round leaves on the left are of B. nelumbiifolia.



What a great way to present these colorful rex begonias– in tall, neutral containers and backdrop!  That’s B. ‘Constellation Libra’ on either side of B. ‘Denver Lace’.  The containers are silver and are about three feet tall.



Begonia ‘Constellation Libra’ in a tall silver container.


Begonia 'Constellation Libra'

Begonia ‘Constellation Libra’ blooming.



Begonia ‘Denver Lace’ getting a little dappled sunlight.



Closeup of B. ‘Denver Lace’.



Another three container grouping:  B. ‘Andrea’ flanked by two B. ‘Escargot’.



Begonia maculata exploding next to B. ‘Escargot’.


Begonia 'Escargot'

Begonia ‘Escargot’ leaf.



Begonia ‘Andrea’.



Begonia ‘Andrea’ leaf.



Begonia ‘Damon’.


Rex Begonia ?

Begonia ‘Damon’ leaf.



Stunning display of four huge Rex begonias potted in three foot tall silver containers.  B. ‘Escargot, and B. ‘Andrea’ alternating.



Flower spike of B. maculata hanging off from atop an over four foot tall stem.


Begonia 'Cracklin' Rosie'

B. ‘Cracklin’ Rosie’ in the lobby/entrance to the Begonia greenhouse.



Another B. ‘Cracklin’ Rosie’ in the lobby.



Begonia ‘Non-Stop’ outdoors in a mixed container.


The following are random photos taken on the various grounds of the botanic garden.



The Bonsai Courtyard has some of the oldest bonsai in the world outside of Asia.  Their trees range from 25 to 350 years old!






This is a 270 year old Juniper!


















The Olympic Stadium tower across the street from the gardens.


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